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Professional Mortician Shares Things In Life She'll "Never Do"


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A professional mortician spends their life, seeing death. This woman shared risky adventures she'll never do in life, from what she's seen.

Well, this ruined some grand adventures I wanted to try. Going on an RV trip across country... NOPE. Sky diving... PROBABLY NOT. Getting the motorcycle I keep wanting... PROBABLY JUST STICK TO A HARLEY.

Lauren Eliza has worked her whole life in the funeral field, taking care of people's bodies after death. She's seen more than most of us could ever stomach with the way people exit the Earth.

She recently did a Tik Tok to share some thoughts on risky behavior that she'll "never do". Riding a crotch rocket, sky diving, air gliding and more can end very badly. Some of these don't even seem that risky, but now it's got me thinking.

I like to live life on the edge, so I'll probably still try a few of these but this opened my eyes a little bit. Never really thought too much about how it can go bad really fast.

The reality is though... you can die just as fast on your way to work, so you can't live your life afraid to die. You have 100% chance that you're not going to make it out of this life alive.

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