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Atlanta Braves Acquire All-Star 1st Baseman Matt Olson From Oakland A's

Oakland Athletics v Seattle Mariners

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Is this the end of the Freddie Freeman Era? Braves just picked up a new 1st baseman!

According to ESPN, A blockbuster trade for first baseman Matt Olson may be a signal that the reigning World Series champs likely won't re-sign franchise Freddie Freeman. Freeman has been the face of the brand for years now and is a fan favorite. For months now, speculation that he was out has been swirling and this doesn't help at all.

The A's will take outfielder Cristian Pache and catcher Shea Langeliers, along with minor league pitchers Ryan Cusick and Joey Estes in return for the All-star. My sons poor heart has been broken. Rumor the past couple of days are that Freeman will be headed to L.A. for the Dodgers. That's his wife's home turf and a place he's hinted at wanting to be sometime in his career.

Braves general manager Alex Anthopoulos told the press that the trade was "the hardest transaction I've ever had to make." That is even more telling of the fate of our favorite Freeman! SAY IT AIN'T SO!

Matt will be an awesome addition to the World Series team but it's hard to follow up the legacy of Freddie Freeman.

There is still a tiny bit of hope in a statement made about Freeman's fate by the Braves manager Brian Snitker. "He's been our guy for a number of years and personally he's meant a lot to me. We'll see".

This was the press conference earlier about the trade with Braves GM Alex Anthopolis:

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