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Man Chains Himself To A McDonald's To Protest Them Closing Russian Stores

McDonald's Sign

Photo: Getty Images

I've considered doing the same on Sunday when I'm craving Chic-Fil-A.

Luka Safronov is violently upset that he can't get his favorite food group McDonalds. He is against Vladimir Putin's invasion of Ukraine mainly because it's now caused McD's to close all store in Russia.

He has super-sized his protest and chained himself to a store in Russia until they reopen. The solo protest has become a viral news story across the world so it seems to be working. Luka says, "Closing down is an act of hostility against me and my fellow citizens!”

Luka has hope that the chain will see his despair and reopen locations to feed the public. My guess it that it won't work, but I guess you can't hurt for trying?! I guess you could starve for trying.

It'll be a win, win though. He will lose some weight from not eating the terribly unhealthy food they provide and it may actually prolong his life a little bit.

Bro... unchain yourself and try Subway. It worked for Jared. (Wait... we're not talking about him anymore are we?)

Regardless... their milkshake machines probably broke anyway.

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