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Scary Videos Hitting Social Media From 7.3 Magnitude Earthquake In Japan


Photo: Getty Images

Japan is dealing with some scary aftermath following a 7.3 magnitude earthquake just hours ago. Watch some of these videos.

2 Million home are without power after back-to-back earthquakes blow transformers and crumble structures in and around Fukushima, Japan. Even more scary is that a potential Tsunami could cause extreme devastation. The epicenter of Wednesday's quake was just over 50 miles from the massive 2011 quake that caused a tsunami with 30-foot waves. This caused a huge disaster at a local nuclear power plant, destroying reactors. More than 22,000 were killed or went missing in the 2011 quake.

This wasn't quite as big as the 2011 quake. It was 9.1 in magnitude, some 63 times stronger.
We're praying that this isn't the case with this quake but you can see how much everything shook in videos shared on twitter. In a local airport video and one from a skyscraper, you can see the large explosions of the power transformers in the distance.

Several people living in the area have also shared the moment the quake hit inside their apartments. Everything was shaking and falling. It had to have felt like the world was caving in. Fortunately, not many, if any, structures collapsed, but they may have structural damage from the quakes, and if a Tsunami hits, it could be really bad.

Just terrifying to watch and empathize with these people. I can't imagine.

Japan's Prime Minister Fumio Kishida's office wrote on Twitter that agencies will "work together to make every effort to respond" in the aftermath of the quake and potential Tsunami. Advisories are warning of tsunami heights reaching up to 1 meter above normal tidal levels, with the initial waves reaching shore around midnight local time.

I just wanna wake up ONE DAY... where the world isn't falling apart. Praying for the people in Japan today!

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