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Video: Truck Goes For a Spin In Massive Texas Tornado Then Drives Away

Photo: Getty Images

Now that's a tough truck! One man is lucky to be alive after his truck flipped, spun a few times, then landed back on its wheels and drove away.

This storm is heading through parts of GA, Florida, and the Carolinas today with a moderate risk of tornados. There's also an increased chance for damaging winds and hail across eastern Indiana and central Ohio.

Parts of Texas And Louisiana dealt with some terrifying tornados yesterday that destroyed many businesses and homes, plus claimed several lives in its wake.

There are many videos surfacing online that show how massive the funnel was in some areas. Elgin, TX was one place hit hard and this video is going viral because of the truck that became engulfed in the funnel, but then ended up driving away just fine.

This is SO WILD to watch! I can't imagine what was going through this driver's mind.

Here are some more videos of the tornado in action. Texas Storm Chasers caught it on video as they followed it around Elgin, TX.

Another video from Rock Round, Tx shows just how powerful it was. The damage to some places was total destruction.

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