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Dad Wears Cone On His Head To Make The Dog "Less Lonely"

A Brown Dog Lying on the Floor With a Blue Wall

Photo: Getty Images

To many people, including myself, the dog is just like another child. This man's daughter posted a video of her Father wearing a dog cone with the dog.

Ollie, a brown lab, is pretty well known from his IG and Tik Tok Accounts with millions of followers. His owner, Alex Morgan, posted an amusing Tik Tok video that's going viral and captioned: "Is it just my dad?"

In the video the text reads, "Not my dad wearing a cone to make my dog feel less lonely after his surgery". Also, "I swear it's always the dads who didn't want a dog that end up loving them the most".

The adorable video on @good.boy.ollie 's Tik Tok has people melting at the love shown for Ollie. Also, many of course find it pretty hilarious.

Some Comments:
"Not all hero’s wear capes … they wear cones"

"OMG this is so great! Made my day! how wholesome your dad is! 🥰🥰🥰"

"I just want to know how he plans to drink his coffe 😏"

"Honestly I would probably wear a cone for my dog too! But this was very wholesome and cute!! ❤️"

Ollie also does videos doing tricks and funny ones like this:

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