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Will Smith's Son Makes Unsettling Comment After Oscars Slap

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Will Smith slapping Chris Rock at The Oscars wasn't just a bad look to the world, it's a terrible look as a Father.

People have differing opinions on Will Smith walking up to slap Chris Rock in the middle of the Oscars, after he made a joke about his wife's short hair. We can all agree the joke was off color and wrong because bashing on someone with a medical condition is just poor taste. Jada is very public about her struggle with Alopecia.

However, it was very unprofessional and out of character for Will to go assault Rock on stage on a night like the Oscars. He probably shoulda still slapped him, but maybe dealt with it backstage one-on-one. That's how I feel. It looked bad on the actor as a person, and it also wasn't a very good example to his kids.

His son Jaden tweeted right after the incident on Sunday night, "And That’s How We Do It".

Now, it wasn’t clear if Jaden was referring to the face-slap or possibly Smith’s Best Actor victory for “King Richard” and his semi-apologetic acceptance speech. As a Dad though, I'd be most embarrassed that my kids saw that reaction out of me. I think it's important they see me stand-up for my family and my wife, but they look up to me to determine how they will react to things. It's always in the back of my mind to be careful with my actions, because little eyes are always watching. Granted, I'm not perfect and neither is Will, but I hope they see the fault in his actions, much like he did in his speech.

It was a bit odd to hear him speak about how much he wanted to just spread love, after smacking someone just a few minutes prior.

This was Will's first win for "Best Actor" at the Oscars. There is a slight chance they could take the award back for breaking the strict "Code Of Conduct" the show has. He will no face charges, as Rock refused to do so and says they have made amends.

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