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OJ Simpson Chimes In About Will Smith Slap, "I Understood The Feeling"

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OJ Simpson is not the endorsement you really want .... for anything. Lately though, he loves to get on twitter and weigh in on pop culture events.

Simpson was on spring break as he says in his twitter video, and out to eat. That's when he decided to give his opinion on "a few questions" he's been asked on social media recently. One of those questions was about the "slap heard round the world" at The Oscars. "I think Will was wrong", he said.

The disgraced actor and NFL star said he, "understood the feeling" with comedians using him in their routine and wanted to "b-slap a couple of those guys". He was quick to say "they would've given me life without [parole]," if he did what Will Smith did to Chris Rock.

"But you've got to accept that that's human, I didn't even think that was all that egregious... it was a semi-unfunny joke," he said of Will's actions.

Look OJ... maybe you should just delete Twitter. You've gotten lucky a lot in life and now is the time to just maybe stay low key and not chime in on things that hit a little to close to home.

I'm shocked he didn't say "look Will, I'm not saying I would've killed Chris, but IF I DID IT, here's how it would've happened."

Will has since apologized publicly on Instagram:

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