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Tennessee Teen Paralyzed In Tornado Walks Out Of Hospital


Photo: Getty Images

A Good news video on a Friday that will make you smile.

Kyle Koehn, 14, was trapped in his home when a massive tornado ripped through Dresden, Tenn. in 2021. It leveled homes in four different states and left the teen unable to walk but alive. But God is good, and he just walked out of the hospital today.

“[I] heard the house start splintering and that’s the last we remember until we woke up in the field,” his father, Darwin, told KSDK.

Kyle's entire family was thrown more than 180 feet from the home, while Kyle landed only a few yards away. His Father heard him moaning and rushed to his side and screamed, ‘That boy is hurt bad.” Kyle was taken to Ranken-Jordan Pediatric Bridge Hospital in St. Louis, Missouri where Dr. Connie Simmons took him under her care.

“He had a fracture that involved every vertebrae in his back,” said Dr. Simmons. “He had no feeling from his belly button, basically, down.” Kyle says the pain isn't something her remembers in the moment, but he remembers it being "cold" and "wet."

After months and months of physically therapy, it almost seemed like a miracle that Doctor's couldn't predict. Kyle walked out of the hospital to a busload of his friends waiting to cheer him on. His High school had chartered a bus to St. Louis so his friends and family could be there for the amazing moment.

Kyle still has a long recovery ahead but this is so amazing to watch and witness. Such a strong young man!

(Source: Today)

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