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Dead D.C. Rapper Propped Up On Stage For Club Party

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WHAT THE WHAT?! The late D.C. Rapper Goonew's Family and Friends Celebrated his life by legit "Weekend At Bernie-ing" him.

Nothing shocks me much anymore, but this was pretty jaw dropping. Markelle Morrow, who rapped under the name “Goonew,” was thrown a celebration of life party as a local club and he was in attendance post-mortem.

Morrow's body was discovered shot to death in a parking lot just a week ago. Family and friends wanted to celebrate his career with fans who loved his music. That's fine... but maybe just a picture of the late rapper or even the urn of ashes may have been okay to bring to the club.... he legit dead body posed on stage is just SO CREEPY.

On Sunday, Club Bliss in D.C. held a party for the rapper’s friends and family to honor his memory at $40 a pop, according to Hot97.com.

There is a video from the event making rounds on social media that has started a fire storm of bad comments. Morrow’s corpse was propped up onstage in a standing position and wearing designer clothes and a crown. There was even pyrotechnics spray showers of sparks near him too. WHAT THE WHAT?!

Most of the comments from the social media posts where not happy and called it so disrespectful. Here are a few:

I'm just soo creeped out by the whole thing.... let this man rest. He ain't tryna work in the afterlife too. And you know he had a couple friends or family members still tryin to put drinks on his tab too.

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