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Granny Goes Viral With "Strict Rules For Her Funeral"

92-year-old Grandma Droniak is the latest internet sensation because of her funeral rules.

Grandma Droniak has garnered quite a following on Tik Tok with her sassy advice and tales from her life as a single senior at 92.

Granny shared some very important rules for her funeral in one of her latest videos. “These are my rules at my funeral,” Droniak begins. The video alone has drawn over 7 million views so far.

  • She shouts: “Listen up!”, then proceeds with these strict rules to follow:

    You can cry but don’t cry too much. Don’t make a fool of yourself.”
  • “Bertha is not invited. Don’t let her in.”
  • “And you better get drunk afterward. Take. a shot for me!” [As an addendum, Grandma Droniak confirmed in the comments that getting drunk “during” the memorial is also OK.]

The video was captioned, “It wont be any time soon but don’t forget it.”

I need to know the Bertha story like ASAP. What did Bertha do to this woman?!

Don't go trollin on ole' Granny D though... she ain't havin it.

I've found my new spirit animal! #Followed

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