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People Are Getting Tattoos Of The Will Smith Slap

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It was a shocking moment... but tattooing it on your body?! You know you wanna see it.

While Chris Rock has a permanent mark of Will Smith's palm on his face... I'm not sure I'd want a permanent tattoo of the incident. Tattoo artist Jon Arton told SWNS, “I thought, let’s do it. It’s hilarious,” when someone in Birmingham asked to get exactly that on their leg.

Another artist in New Jersey also said he received was asked for the very unique tattoo.

I mean... kinda funny in the moment... but what about 15 years from now when it's faded and warped. Then you're trying to explain to a friend why you made that terrible choice.

Here's the tatt:

Many commenters online were not feeling the creative tatt saying, “unnecessary,” “childish” and “so dumb.”

“Did that not happen like two days ago?” an Instagram commenter added. It has garnered hundreds of thousands of views online from Tik Tok and IG.

Here is another from an Italian tattoo artists with more color.

(Source: New York Post )

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