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Atlanta Braves World Series Ring Is A Tribute To The Great Hank Aaron

Cincinnati Reds v Atlanta Braves

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This has to be one of the most incredible rings for a World Series team to date. There are so many meaningful tributes on the ring made by Jostens.  

The World Series Team was given their rings this weekend before they took the field Saturday at Truist Park.  

The ring is made of white gold – approximately 18.71 carat white gold, which highlights the franchise’s first year…which was 1871. 

There are 755 diamonds on this ring! That's the how many home runs the Braves great Hank Aaron smashed.  

44 of the diamonds are Emerald Cut for Hank as well! That was his jersey number! 

The "A" itself has 150 diamonds to commemorate the 150 years of the team.  

The words “World Champions” at the top is made with 113 diamonds accented by 4 princess cut diamonds for the 4 World Series wins.  

Jostens was the creator of this iconic ring and it's the first of it's kinds to have working lights inside of it. When it opens, Truist Park is lit up with micro-LED lights. 

The 11 rubies inside the ring are for the eleven homeruns the Braves hit during the World Series. 

There is 1 single pearl set in the middle of the World Series Trophy, as well. This is in honor of Joc Pederson and the pearls he wore during the playoffs that became a big fan favorite.  

Joc doesn't have his ring yet but is expected to receive it when the Giants come to town. Probably the same for Freddie Freeman.  

Tonight (Monday) fans will get a replica ring at the game Monday night. This is just EPIC! 

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