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Marital Advice From Married People For Spring Wedding Season

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May is one of the most popular wedding months with 11% of people choosing that as their wedding month.

Spring brings all the flowers and all the love out of people. Feeling are high and weddings are plentiful. So we decided to ask some married OShow Family members for advice to give to the soon-to-be newlyweds. The comments section was nothing short of hilarious.

Some of the best comments:

"things to lock down before marriage 1- house temp. 2- sleeping times 3- finances" (I'd probably ad conversations on how you parent)

"Your second marriage is better than the first"

"Husbands also love it when you find the missing item that was right in front of them"


"Same bed Separate covers"

"You are marrying the entire family" (AIN'T THAT THE TRUTH)

My favorite good advice: "Marriage takes 3. You, your spouse , and God. Always put God first, everything else will fall in place"

Here are some more good tips from listeners who called into The O Show:

This video has some more helpful things that married people wish they would've been told before the wedding:

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