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Autonomous Car With No Humans Tries To Leave A Traffic Stop


Photo: Getty Images

It is a weird world we live in. Robots are more and more becoming apart of how we live life and go about our day. We even have cars with no humans acting as taxis in some states.

San Francisco is one city that has deployed a fleet of GM Cruise taxis that act like an Uber but have no human driver. A police officer saw a car with no lights on at night and did a traffic stop on the vehicle, only to find out there were no humans in it at all.

Once the officer walks up to the vehicle and seems confused, they car takes off from the scene. Of course it was a very short police chase as the car pulled itself over just a block away and put it's flashers on. That's when several other officers showed up to the scene and all were baffled by the scenario. They keep walking around the car and looking at things before calling, what I assume, is their supervisor to see what they should do.

You can't write a ticket for a computer, so they should've probably just tried to flip the cars lights on and move about their night.

The video taken by onlookers is pretty funny. You can hear many people laughing at the officers and their confusion with the whole thing.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is our Jetson's type future. Strap in!

GM Cruise responded to the video on twitter saying "no citation was issued".

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