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Atlanta Woman Creates "Her Ride" Rideshare For Women Only

Young Black Woman Driving Car for Rideshare

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With sexual assaults involving rideshare services on the rise, Jillian Anderson said, "I just wanted to create a safe place for women.”

Some very unnerving statistics were just released about the amount of sexual assaults of women using rideshare services. Lyft reported more than 4,000 from 2017 to 2019, and Uber reported 6,000 from 2017 to 2018. That is a mind-blowing stat that has many women afraid to take the chance with rideshares.

Atlanta based Her Ride, is an alternative option that was created by a woman from Atlanta who was feeling the fear. Anderson said she wanted to find a way to keep women safe, while giving them the much needed service. She has a computer science background that helped her create app for women. All the drivers are female and she employee's about 60 at the moment. She hoped to turn that into thousands in Atlanta and across the country.

“I put my drivers first,” Anderson said. “They’re the bread and butter of the company, so if they don’t feel comfortable, they don’t get penalized for it.” Her Ride's goal is to make a difference by keeping women safe, while getting to their destination. "It makes me feel like what I created was actually needed."

Source: CBS 46

I am excited to see that someone is standing up for women and giving them an option. As a husband and Father, knowing my wife has a safer option when she needs it is so crucial. My daughter is too young but thinking about her future, I am all for safer resources for women.

Jillian you are amazing! Good work.

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