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Woman Poses As Job Recruiter To Troll Her Cheating Ex

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In very EPIC fashion, one Tik Tok user shared her experience with a cheating ex-boyfriend and how she got revenge.

@kykynicolee has over 2 million views telling the story of how she posed as a Linked In recruiter and put her cheating partner through a month-long job interview. The video is captioned. “his resume was trash anyways.” After a month of toying with him on different interview he spent time preparing for, she sent a rejection letter telling him "he ain't sh*t".

There are a lot of questions from viewers. Many asking for a series of video explaining how it went down, how she changed her voice, how she did video calls with him. So it remains to be seen if she'll spell out how the plan unfolded.

The comments section is where it's at though! TO THE COMMENTS:

“U should have a series called evil.”


“You better than me, I would’ve told him he got the job and give his 2 weeks and make him wait for the BG check until his start date never started” 

“hire him with an offer he can't refuse and he shows up to a Clown academy” 

“Expert level petty. Love It!” 

I applaud the commitment, but now she may wanna watch this advice video:

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