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Video: Guy Gets Rejected Hard After Proposal In Line At McDonald's

Girlfriend rejecting a marriage proposal

Photo: Getty Images

Proposals, for most, are a pretty special moment and require a special well thought-out place. One guy found out McDonald's is not that place!

A man in South Africa has quickly gone viral when because of his massive proposal fail over some Big Mac's.

The unnamed man is seen dropping to one knee while a woman orders her food at the counter.  She is seen shaking her head no, the couple has a few heated words, and then the woman walks away.

Many people are criticizing his choice of proposal location but there is one OTHER glaring issues with the proposal.... HE'S ALREADY GOT A WEDDING RING ON?! Is he cheating? Was this a setup for the clout?

Either was the video has 3.7 million views on Twitter so far and growing.

I hope he drowned his sorrows in a McFlurry.

Here is another angle with perfect music:

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