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Worst Driver Award: Woman Arrested For Taking The Stairs... In Her Car

police car on the street

Photo: Getty Images

Let's play.... was she drunk or not?! Thoughts?

Police in Portland, Maine were called to the scene of an accident that was pretty unusual when they arrived. There was no other car involved, but they found and SUV that decided to take the stairs, instead of the parking garage ramp.

The 26-year-old woman had gotten her car stuck trying to go down the pedestrian staircase inside the parking garage. Even more shocking is that the parking garage was attached to the police department headquarters. SHOCKER.. She was drunk. Imagine if she would’ve tried to take the elevator.

She was arrested for Operating Under the Influence.

In its post, the department said it's "fortunate" she didn't hit anyone and that the incident ended with "just a small amount of property damage."

She needs to be added to this compilation ASAP.

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