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Matt Stell Talks About His Mom, New Song 'Man Made' & Calls Out Brett Young

Photo: RECORDS Nashville/Matt Stell

Otis got to catch up with Country Star Matt Stell, whose known for his smash hit "Prayed For You" and new single "Man Made"

Matt did a lot of writing in the pandemic, as many artists did, but said he's so ready for the summer out on the road. "We treat every night likes it's a Friday night [when we play]" he told Otis. The two discussed all the amazing mothers in his life for Mother's Day Weekend. Matt said "the women in my life would probably prefer it if I was more of the sappy guy, I'm not at all. But the women in my life know how much I care a lot and I think the women in my life know how I show it."

Stell also recalls how he went from getting accepted to the pre-med program at Harvard to dropping out for music. "I think the lady at Harvard [that accepted me] was probably still hung over from the night before," he said. Don't ask him to help in an emergency though. He said, "I learned how to dial 911", of his medical knowledge.

Stell will be out with Brett Young this summer so Otis wondered if the two would get a little bball 1-on-1 going. Stell said, "I'm always ready to lace up the shoes. I hope I can make that happen."

Check it all out here:

Stell's new song is called "Man Made" so Otis came up with a little challenge for Matt. He called out an invention and Matt had to decide if it was "Man Made" or "WoMAN" made.

Play along:

Check out Matt latest single that just hit the radio too. It's basically about how amazing women are to him and how we can't really be the men we are without the strong women.

Some of the lyrics are:

All us boys wanna grow up and make our mamas proud

Find that girl who lifts us up when life gets us down

Behind any guy doing anything right is a woman's work at hand

If a man made anything it's 'cause a woman made that man

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