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Man Proposes At Girlfriend's Father's Funeral In Front Of The Casket

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I thought the McDonald's proposal last week was bad... then this guy was like "HOLD MY BEER!!"

A video on TikTok is catching the viral wave because of how terrible of an idea this man had to propose to his Girlfriend. While she was grieving her dead Father.... LITERALLY SITTING IN FRONT OF THE CASKET CRYING.... he grabbed a mic and got down on a knee. So romantic right?! It's what every girl dreams of.

Shockingly, she still said yes – but Tiktokers where a HUGE NO in the comments section!

According to Central News Agency, the pastor, who was presiding over the service, had asked for the woman’s hand in order to help heal her broken heart.


"emotional abuse, he's disrespecting the deceased at all levels there's no such 😏"

"No no no no sir 😏not 2day"

"tht time the other boyfriend attended the funeral 🤣🤣"

"I see a legend😂😂saying l know you going through a lot of pain but can l take it from here, can l be your yr man, protector, provider, healer, guider"

"When you just can’t stand the fact that the attention isn’t on you!”

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