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Youtuber Buys Most Expensive Plane Ticket And Documents It


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Denver-based YouTuber Matthew Beem searched for the most expensive plane ticket he could find, then he vlogged the entire experience for Youtube.

A cool $64,000 will get you on a private jet with top of the line treatment. "I have never experienced anything like that in my entire life. Normally when traveling, or doing most things in general, I look for the cheapest option." Beem told Insider.

He has garnered over 2.1 million views as he lived in luxury while his sister, Cheyanne, who was also on the 15-hour Emirates flight from Los Angeles to Dubai, took the economy flight. He got to enjoy a large TV and gourmet meal, while his sis got an ipad sized screen and "chicken and veggies" served her during the flight.

He also got to enjoy a large seat that turned into a bed, which he slept on in the video. He got a fresh set of pajamas and a bag with an eye mask, eye cream, and a bottle labeled, "pillow mist" inside it. Sounds fancy.

Check out the video:

Why do any of us work anymore? These YouTube kids are making millions just filming themselves doing crazy things.

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