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Alabama Couple Finds Dentures While Snorkeling Then Finds Owner

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"Randy Williams" was the name found written on the dentures that where floating off the Gulf Coast. Social media and an adventurous couple helped reunite them with the owner.

A Mississippi man, vacationing in Gulf Shores, was snorkeling when he came across an odd find.... someone teeth. Instead of being grossed out and leaving them on the Ocean floor, Aaron Welborn told News 12, "I was like, where's the rest of this guy's teeth?" .That's when he grabbed them and showed his wife. After looking a little closer they say the name "Williams, Randy" on the inside of the teeth.

Welborn and his wife then had a mission, find the owner. Welborn went to Facebook and posted pictures of the teeth and within a few like and shares, and a little research, the rightful owner was found. Randy was elated that the teeth he lost a couple weeks ago, valued at over $2K, were about to come home.

Not before the couple took the teeth on a few adventures of their own. They snapped pics with the teeth on a bear, in a beach chair, at dinner with them and more. The top jaw prosthetics pretty much took on a life of it's own on socials deemed the "Denture Adventures.

"We have laughed a lot. We've deemed this story, it's a story to really sink your teeth into," joked Blaire Welborn to News 12.

Randy, told the News outlets her was so overjoyed, "He was gonna eat steak tonight." The dentures where mailed back to him and he immediately put them in his mouth! UGHK!! NOPE. Maybe wanna sanitize those Randy!

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