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Former Reality Star Josh Duggar Sentenced To 12 Years In Prison

Josh Duggar Booking Photo

Photo: Getty Images

Once a star in TLC's "19 Kids and Counting", Josh Duggar is now just counting his days in prison. He'll spend over 4,000 looking at cement walls after being convicted on child porn charges.

Duggar was arrested in April of 2021 by Little Rock Police. A detective traced shard child pornography to his computer. The images linked back to a computer he used in 2019 at a car dealership that he worked at. He was recently convicted on the charges of having very graphic images of abuse of minors.

In 2015 there were public allegations that he molested his 4 younger sisters and a babysitter, then just a few years later, he admitted and apologized to cheating on his wife and have a porn addiction.

"This past conduct, when viewed alongside the conduct for which he has been convicted, makes clear that Duggar has a deep-seated, pervasive, and violent sexual interest in children, and a willingness to act on that interest" the court filing said.

Prosecutors fought for the toughest sentence of 20 years, while his lawyers asked for the lesser, 5 years.

Duggar's past behavior "provides an alarming window into the extent of his sexual interest in children that the Court should consider at sentencing," federal prosecutors wrote in their sentencing memorandum.

What a terrible and sickening human being. This isn't going to change him and I wish they could give him life in prison. I'm sure his time is going to be pretty unbearable with what I've heard of people who hurt children entering the prison system.

The smirk in his mugshot makes me wanna break his nose. Sadly, the kids involved with is disgusting behavior will all have life sentences and mental health issues.

(Source: People)

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