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Thomas Rhett Discusses Summer Tour, Kids, & Idol With Bull Morning Show

Thomas Rhett Hosts "Camp Dos Primos" To Kick Off Stagecoach Weekend

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Georgia Country's Thomas Rhett is a massive friend of the radio station. He dropped in to congratulate the new Bull morning show and talk spill the tea.

Rhett said he's spending time with is family this memorial day weekend before his massive tour starts June 17th. "We're gonna go to the beach. It'll begood to have some alone time with my wife and my kids and to kinda get a chance to reflect on what this weekend stands for."

His new album is called "Where We Started" and it even come in vinyl in bright orange (in respect for his wife who went to Tennessee). "I read a stat the other day that vinyl is making a comeback. I've always loved vinyl." It's definitely making a resurgence in the "cool people" world. "They take forever to make.....t's Wild!"

July 22nd the "Bring The Bar To You Tour" hits Atlanta and Thomas said it's crazy hot on the stage mid-summer. "It's like your doing a 90 minute crossfit in wranglers and cowboy boots."

Being back in Georgia he said was "like a family reunion". Thomas said he even meet cousins he never knew he had. Otis joked about if he had any 4th cousins that call him just to prove to their friends he's related. "I would say probably 20 times a year I get calls from numbers I don't have," he said.

We asked about how terrified he was on American Idol too because of the crazy stairs that moved. Thomas said, "oh Dude. I was terrified. And the day before I did leg day at the gym. My freaking hamstrings were dying."

Thomas was actually a big part of helping Otis announce his 3rd baby to his friends and family.

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