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Two Monkeys On The Loose In Georgia Captured, Here's the 911 Call


Photo: Getty Images

Two monkeys who've been missing for over a week near Savannah, have been found safe. But it's the call to 911 that is EPIC!

The Effingham County Sheriff's Office received a frantic call of two pet monkeys missing on May 22. Deputies and Department of Natural Resources rangers tried all they could think of, for almost 2 weeks to find and humanely trap the monkeys on the loose.

The Patas monkeys are native to West Africa and portions of East Africa and have a distinct "hipster mustache" that makes them very identifiable.

There is no information on the owners or how the monkeys got loose but the Georgia DNR is investigation the situation.

Deputies had told the public that the monkeys weren't dangerous, but they are unpredictable when confronted.... as most wild animals are.

"The search is over, the missing monkeys are home," the sheriff’s office wrote on its Facebook page. The monkeys are safe and sound and probably a little upset that their jailbreak is over.

Listen to the exclusive 911 call when the monkeys went missing. #MooteKimmieOtis

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