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Otis Wrote A Song For His Wife And Country Artist Drew Baldridge Sang it

Otis Oshow and Wife

Photo: iHeart Atlanta

Otis failed to get anything for his wife for their anniversary on Monday... but completely redeemed himself by writing a song for her. Then, he got a Nashville artist to sing it.

It was a calamity of errors and busy lifestyle with 3 kids that ended up ruining Otis's plans for ANYTHING for his wife on their Anniversary. A pre-planned vacation fell through and had to be canceled, because of job changes. A busy baseball weekend and in-laws in town left no time to even buy a card. Then after attempting to make plans for dinner, no one was open on memorial day.

It couldn't have been more of a fail all the way around.

The salvation for Otis and getting him out of the dog house, was that he had written a song for her. Over the weekend (when he probably should've been running to buy a card), a song popped in his head. He wrote down the lyrics, created a melody, and then called Country Artist Drew Baldridge to get some help creating the magic for it. He didn't get the song back in time for his Anniversary date, but once his wife heard it for the first time this week, it didn't matter. She was smitten and in tears. #REDEMPTION

The song is called "Always You" and was written about the dreams and thoughts Otis had of his family, before he even met Brittney. He always dreamed of having a couple boys and little girl and being at all the sports fields and dance recitals. Now they are in that phase of life, and the song progresses to the parts of his dream that she made come true.


Drew Baldridge is a successful Country Artists from Nashville that sang the song Otis wrote. They've been friends for several years and their families have become very close. Baldridge said he was so blessed to be able to help and be apart of this special Anniversary gift.

He has some pretty big news of his own, with a new baby just announced in People magazine. Him and his wife Katie are expecting later this year. This was the reaction Drew had when she surprised him with the test.

Drew's newest single is called "Little Bit" and it's about living and loving that country life in a small town.

If you haven't discovered Drew Baldridge and his music, check it out. He is an amazing up and coming artists, as well as, humble, God fearing, good person.

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