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Video: Can You Cook Steak Inside Your Hot Car?!

Woman eating steak

Photo: Getty Images

Summer is here and your car can reach temps of 100-300 degrees in minutes on a hot day.... but can you cook a steak? One Tik Toker tried it

Let me start by saying DO NOT LEAVE YOUR KIDS OR PETS IN A HOT CAR!!! It's so sad that EVERY YEAR, someone's baby dies in a hot car, or someone's pet is left so they can "shop real quick". We shouldn't have to keep repeating this... DON'T BE A MORON.

That said, this is proof of how hot your car can actually get inside. One man uses his tik tok to attempt cooking food in the hot sun, and it works!

@TheJoeBrown tried a NY Strip Steak on the dashboard of his car for a few hours, to see if it could actually be edible after. His car reached temps of 220+. The experiment has garnered over 700K views.

So did it work? After 2 hours in the sun he pulled it out. "This steak was bussin’ #steak @TRUFF" is what he captioned the Part 2 of the steak cooking. He said it came out "medium rare" and actually tasted great. "I'd give this a 10 out of 10 would recommend", he said in the video.

So what else has this guy tried? Well, gumballs, brownie bites, ramen, and even hamburgers.

I'm curious now what this guys car smells like after becoming a lab for Bill Nye the Science Guy.

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