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Maren Morris Talks Touring With A Baby, New Album, & "Humble Quest" Tour

2022 Stagecoach Festival - Day 1

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Maren Morris is hitting Atlanta tomorrow ((Saturday night), just starting her Humble Quest Tour. She talked with Moote, Kimmie, & Otis about it all.

Morris said she was missing apart of herself not being on tour for 2 years through COVID but is excited her tour just kicked off and that she's hitting the hometown of her drummer (Atlanta). She said, "I've seen every place in Nashville at this point, that why we need to get out on tour and see some new stuff. Especially after COVID, I just wanna be in any other state."

"I think I take myself less seriously now, because so much was taken away," Maren said was the change in her perspective after the past two years. "It's allowed me to be a happier person.... than before the pandemic."

Speaking women in country music, Maren said "I'm seeing a ton more female country artists that are.... saying what is exactly on their mind and wearing what they want." She is digging the new stuff coming out saying, "it's pretty badass".

She is touring for the first time as a Mom and has Hayes Hurd on the road with her. "It's so fun having him out. So that's definitely a new mode of touring for me."

Maren's "Humble Quest Tour" hits Ameris Bank Amphitheater Saturday night in Atlanta. Her newest single is called "Circles Around This Town".

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