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Crazy Turbulence On Flight Makes Flight Attendants "Almost Hit The Roof"

plane shakes during turbulence flying through the air hole.

Photo: Getty Images

A Delta flight from LaGuardia to Atlanta experienced terrifying turbulence causing flight attendants to brace on the floor.

Some wild storms rolled through Georgia on Friday, causing major wind gusts around the metro and even worse turbulence in the airways above one of the biggest airports in the world. Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson airport sees over 275,000 passengers a day and averages 2,700 arrivals and departures daily. There is no shortage of turbulent flights, but Friday was scarier for one flight than usual.

A passenger on the flight tweeted a short video he took after flight attendants where sent airborne inside the plane. He tweeted, "The flight attendants on my Delta flight about to land in Atlanta crouching on the floor as we go through serious turbulence. They both almost hit the roof as we went through a bad patch a few minutes ago. Scary. #atlwx

Delta would only call it "moderate turbulence" in a statement they released to CBS 46 in Atlanta:

“Delta flight 478 from LGA to ATL experienced moderate turbulence during descent and landed safely without incident. The safety of our customers and crew remain our top priority, and as such, our flight crew is being further evaluated for injuries. There are no reported customer injuries.”

David did tweet later that is was "one major jolt" that sent them flying" before he took the video. After crouching low for a few minutes they returned to their seats and strapped in for a "relatively smooth" landing.

It seems no videos of the worst part of the turbulence have shown up online for this flight, but just in case you needed some more anxiety when you fly. Here is a compilation of some really bad videos of flights with heavy turbulence caught on camera:

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