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Fight Breaks Out At Atlanta Dance Competition

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No one expects to get served with some punches when battling it out on the dance floor, but that's exactly what happened at a DeKalb County, GA dance competition.

What was supposed to be a fun competition, dance off turned into a huge brawl involving dozens of kids, ages 9 to 14, and even parents at Berean Christian Church in Stone Mountain this past Saturday.

One girl caught up in the melee, Alaya York,14, told Fox 5 Atlanta, "I went blank and then the next thing you know, I’m on the floor trying to cover my head."

Her Mother, LaToyia Carter, told the news outlet that a team from Savannah was the one who started the brawl. "This was a kids' event that turned into a disaster," she said.

According to witnesses, there was a lot of trash talking during the competition that eventually led to a full on fight.

A spokesperson for the church sent FOX 5 this statement:

"On behalf of our leadership, we are aware of the incident which occurred on our campus Saturday, June 18th. This matter is currently being investigated. Our organization doesn’t condone any form of violence. It is our desire that all who visit our campus can do so peacefully."

This is another similar wild incident out of Georgia in recent months. Another fight like this broke out at a youth basketball game in an Atlanta area church gym.

Dekalb police didn't comment on if any arrests where made at the recent dance brawl, but there were several arrested in the basketball assault on a referee.

It's sad to see people not know how to act in a public setting or control their aggression, but even more sad is that these incidents were AT CHURCHES! Like JESUS IS WATCHING!? What is wrong with yall?

These parents and kids should feel completely ashamed of themselves and how embarrassing for the churches.

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