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Mugshot HoF: Man Takes Mughsot Wearing Shirt With Morgan Wallen's Mugshot

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Wearing an ironic shirt in your mugshot is key to getting in the Mugshot Hall Of Fame, but wearing your favorite Country Singer's mugshot is EPIC!

A 20-year-old in New Hampshire was brought in for possessing alcohol underage and was wearing exactly that. You may remember when Morgan Wallen was arrested in Nashville after getting a little rowdy in Broadway at Kid Rock's bar. Well, his mugshot from that arrest is now a fashion trend, it seems.

Reported by the Smoking Gun, Zach Horne was arrested for underage possession of alcohol and taken to the Belknap County jail in Laconia, New Hampshire. His mugshot will live in infamy now because it feature Morgan Wallen's mugshot.

Wallen later shared the photo on his IG stories and said "I wish I woulda known sooner, I woulda bailed him out!"

Seems Morgan enjoyed the humor in it. It's nothing too new. Stars like Johnny Cash and Elvis have had their mugshots plastered on T-Shirts and posters for many years. I guess it just speaks to Morgan's level of stardom.

Further digging found many other items of swag with Morgan's mugshot you can purchase. Car air fresheners, Miller Time T's, Cooler magnets, or even apple watch backgrounds.

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