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Man Has The Creepiest "Eel Sanctuary" In His Basement

This is the thing a serial killer dreams of. A concrete room under their home, that is inconspicuously covered with a manhole cover. #WhatIshappening

WWLT news in Kentucky just covered a story of a man who loves reptiles. He love them so much, that he's nearly created his own zoo inside his home, complete with a pond for eels in an odd basement room under the house.

The man goes by Cowturtle on Tik Tok and has amassed almost 500K followers because of his odd obsession. Reptiles and eels adorn almost every inch of his home in cages and even a self made pond... that can't be very safe or sanitary.

Cowturtle is from Northern Kentucky and has collected reptiles such as, an Australian lungfish, Indian star tortoises, eels, and tarantulas.

“Ever since I was a kid,” Tobler told WWLT. “I was just out in the woods catching stuff, bringing stuff home.”

The most popular on social media is of course his eel pond in the basement with almost a dozen eels and several goldfish is flourishing.

SO MANY QUESTIONS!! Why don't you just get a job at a zoo man? I feel like these pets may end up killing you as some point.

Obviously the most glaring question.... WHAT IS WITH THE CONCRETE ROOM? Can we check that thing for nail marks and human DNA? This is not normal. I don't trust there isn't something sinister going on here.

I have a podcast on the #iHeartRadio app that covers some of the weirdest things we can find in this wild world we live in... and this kids eel pond may be one of the creepiest and weirdest finds to date. We discuss it and all the questions we have in this week Episode 61 of #ThisIsWeird Podcast towards the end. Check it out:

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