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Sanford Stadium One Of "The Most Intimidating" In College Football

Arkansas v Georgia

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The top 9 most intimidating college football stadiums are out... where did The Bulldogs land? #CollegeFootball

If you've ever been inside Sanford Stadium in Athens, GA you've felt the power of the Dawgs and their fans. It is a rowdy and fun environment that many teams fear having to play against. The fans in GA are for real! Sandford didn't land as the MOST intimidating though.

247Sports’ Brad Crawford compiled the list of the schools everyone is nervous to face at home. The Dawgs came in 4th at Sandford.

I'm a little shocked by the schools that beat out our SEC Champs! Clemson really? THE Ohio State...BLAH!

SEC has proven to be the conference to beat across the nation. Powerhouse school around every corner. An of course we're a little biased with Georgia winning 12 straight games at home, the second-longest streak in the SEC (Alabama, 13). Sanford Stadium packs 92,000 strong and grabbed their first national championship in 41 years with UGA's win over Alabama in the title game.

I'm guessing Alabama feels a little slighted as well not making the Top 9. They have a rabid fan base and a massive rivalry with The Bulldogs. Bryant–Denny Stadium is pretty intimidating knowing your about the face the team who is ALWAYS in the Championship.

Nonetheless.... GO DAWGS!

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