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Watch: Woman Surprised By Snake On Her Windshield Driving On Interstate

Bull Snake

Photo: Getty Images

Imagine cruising to work and you find out a reptilian passenger has joined your commute. A woman in Missouri nearly wrecked her car because of a bull snake!

Being an Uber for bugs, spiders, or snakes is probably not the greatest surprise to have when blazing down the interstate. They tip terrible. One woman in Kansas did just that, when a slithery guest came out from under her hood and onto her windshield. It then made it's way over to her side view mirror. She caught it all on video and it's shocking!

Thankfully, after further investigation, the snake was not thought to be venomous. It was a Bull snake that just felt like taking a ride. The driver made it safely off the highway and into a parking space where the snake got down and slithered away.

The woman said she thinks it came from a friends rural farm in Oklahoma. Many snakes like car motors because they are warm and cozy.

NOPE! I would've probably hit a tree or a wall trying to shake it off my hood. If it was a spider INSIDE my car... then that would've for sure been the case!

We discussed with Moote, Kimmie & Otis this morning:

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