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Dan & Shay Excited For New Song "You" And Have Some Marriage Advice

2022 Billboard Music Awards - Press Room

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Superstar duo Dan & Shay dropped in with Moote, Kimmie, & Otis to talk about their newest song "You, give some marriage advice, and play "Most Likely Too..."

The 3 time Grammy award winning country duo Dan & Shay continue to push boundaries and break records with Shay's explosive vocals and Dan's heartfelt harmony. They break down the walls across genres of music but stay true to their love of Country music.

Otis calls them his favorite group in country music, to which Moote joked, "you guys make Otis feel like he finally has the background vocalists he needs to finally achieve his singing dreams." Of course, the guys were happy to be apart of the unknown trio saying "we're happy to back you up anytime." Otis even recalled a moment at the recent Kenny Chesney show where he was doing a video and Shay happened to pop into the right spot at the right time.

Their latest single "You" is already exploding on streams and charts. MKO all believe it's THE wedding song of 2022 or at least gives Parmalee's "Take My Name" a run for the title. Dan said, "having wedding songs has been amazing for us, thanks to you guys for playing our songs." This new one has a special place for the duo, "We're excited about it. brand new chapter.

Here is the song "You":

Both of the guys just celebrated 5 years of marriage to their beautiful wives, Hannah Billingsley and Abby Law. As far as advice for the newest of couples using their song for the 1st dance, Shay said, "Communication is the biggest thing. If you're communicating, that's the biggest piece of it." He then joked, "For me, I just remember that I'm usually wrong."

To get to know the guys a little better, MKO played a game with them called "Most Likely Too.."

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