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Eating Ice Cream Makes You Hotter

Young lovers are eating ice cream in their hands and raising them.

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Have we all been doing life wrong? Cold ice cream on a super hot day... might not be a good idea.

A licensed dietitian with the University of Kansas claims, "when we eat something with calories, whether ice cream or food in general, it takes some work to burn off the fats, proteins and sugars. And while the effect is insignificant – unless you were eating nothing but ice cream – it’s not always what we do, but what we’re not doing, too, that affects our body temperature." Tara Marchello was quick to caution that, “ [she] wouldn’t tell anybody not to have ice cream during the summer. That’s just wrong.”

Your body using extra energy to digest the delectable treat is actually heating your body up in the hot sun. You may actually start sweating more, but who's gonna notice while they're scarfing down a giant ice cream sandwich or Mint Chocolate Chip waffle cone! Stop ruining the good stuff Tara.

Tara said the best thing you can do for your body on a hot day is, "staying hydrated with water as a priority." Especially the kind with no sugar added. Some foods have good water content; such as tomato or cucumbers, berries and melon, Marchello added in the New York Post.

Still eat the ice cream though, maybe just less quantity. Marchello's biggest caution was moderation for anything high in fat and sugar content. Slow down while you eat, too, and enjoy the vanilla, mint chocolate chip or caramel. Your body will have a much easier time and thank you later.

Source: New York Post

Of course, Ice cream can also make you was more attractive. At least according the this Tik Tok expert:

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