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Video: Boat Goes Up In Flames In The Middle Of Lake Lanier

Lake Lanier

Photo: Otis Photo iHeart Atlanta

The mystery of the "haunted" lake continues, as another big mishap on the water sends two to the hospital.

Lake Lanier has claimed nearly 700 lives since its creation in 1956, according to narcity.com. Mysterious drowning plague the lake every year, most of which can probably be attributed to unsafe water practices.

Thankfully no one was seriously injured or died when a boat caught fire and sent billowing black smoke into the skies above Buford and Hall County. Georgia Department of Natural Resources, game wardens and the Hall County Fire Department responded to a boat fire at the Holiday Marina at 1 p.m. Sunday. All passengers had jumped from the boat and swam to safety, two were sent to the hospital for treatment.

Videos started springing up immediately on Twitter with people wondering what was going on and some attributing the fire to "the ancestor" ghosts of Lanier. No cause has been determined so far.

We're only half way through the year and between the two Lakes in Northeast ATL 21 people have lost their lives. I am a big fan of the water and boating, and I see people doing crazy risky things every time I'm on the lake. I've done my share of unsafe things on the water in my younger 20's but it can't be said enough, the water does not play. You can lose your life or get injured terribly in a flash. PLEASE BE SAFE ON THE WATER AND WEAR A LIFE JACKET.

I don't think there are any ghosts causing people to drown or be hurt. But there are many who do... and feel this tweet completely.

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