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Cats Declared "Invasive Alien Species" By Polish Scientists

Lazy Himalayan Young Cat

Photo: Getty Images

Are you a cat person or no? You may be housing "aliens".

The Polish Academy of Sciences (PASIFIC) has officially classified cats as an “invasive alien species,” according to the Associated Press. No they aren't believed to have extraterrestrial ancestry or come from another planet, they are just a nuisance to birds and wildlife because of the overpopulation of feral cats in Poland.

Wojciech Solarz, a biologist at the state-run Polish Academy of Sciences, was pretty surprised at the backlash from the public after naming the “Felis catus into a national database for Nature Conservation. Cats are the first or the last to be named an invasive alien species.  1,786 other species have been listed with no objections. Cats must've struck a cord with people when they "falsely" believed that this categorization was a ploy to kill off many of the animals in the country.

Dorota Suminska, the author of a book titled “The Happy Cat,” said they are wrongly being targeted. “Ask if man is on the list of non-invasive alien species," sighting our pollution and trashing the environment is much more detrimental.

PASIFIC pointed out that they aren't “opposed to any cruelty towards animals." The classification is just to follow European Union guidelines.

If you're like me, you are wondering why “alien”? Well, according to the institute, cats were domesticated over 10,000 years ago by civilizations of the ancient Middle East. This makes them "aliens" to Europe from a scientific perspective. Meaning that they aren't actually native to the land.

So enjoy petting your alien today... just be careful on the stairs. They may in fact be trying to kill us all to further their "alien" species. LOL

WE discussed it on the show today... only 1 person on Moote, Kimmie, Otis is a cat lover:

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