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Utah Man Starts Forest Fire Because He Was Scared Of A Spider

The burning dry grass with opaque dense bluish smoke

Photo: Getty Images

A Utah man is facing some major arson charges after being thrown in the slammer for arson.

Springville, Utah authorities arrested a man for using a lighter to try and kill a spider, which ended up igniting nearby brush and causing a large fire that devastated a forest nearby.

26-year-old Cory Allan Martin of Draper was detained by police for the fire that consumed over 60 acres before firefighters could put out the blaze. Martin told officers that he was scared of a spider and used a lighter to try and kill it. The police report states: "When he attempted to burn the spider, the surrounding brush ignited and the fire began spreading very rapidly. Cory having recklessly started the fire, caused a danger to human life and or the property of another."

The Utah County Sheriff’s Office tweeted about it on Monday saying, "After he was arrested @UCSO Deputies found drugs and paraphernalia in his backpack. He is being booked into jail."

According to KUTV, Martin is being charged with suspicion of reckless burning, a class A misdemeanor; and possession of a controlled substance and possession of paraphernalia, both class B misdemeanors.

Police gave no word on if the man in Utah killed the spider in the woods... but we think it worked.

Spiders are probably my biggest fear. I've considered burning down my house when a giant wolf spider that I encountered and tried to kill... then went missing. My better judgement prevailed, so house is still intact, and I am just accepting the spider as a new roommate.... UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN. Then, he gets the shoe!

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