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Johnny Depp Signs Massive Deal To Remain As The Face Of Dior

Johnny Depp Masterclass Red Carpet - 19th Alice Nella Città 2021

Photo: Getty Images

Looks like business as usual for Depp after winning his defamation suit against Amber Heard. The lucrative deals just keep getting sweeter.

Johnny Depp, 59, signed a multi-year deal with Dior for over 7-figures. Depp has been the face of the Sauvage cologne brand since 2017. Dior was one of Depp's major endorsements that stuck by his side through the allegations of his being an abuser to his ex.

Dior shared on IG footage from Depp's concert in Paris, as an ode to the musician and actor, pretty much confirming the rumored deal and partnership writing, “Fearless yet human, just like Sauvage.”

The comments section also was flooded with shouts to Dior from fans of Johnny saying, “Love your support for Johnny,” and, “Dior supporting legends.”

The newest ad for Sauvage shows footage from the concert in Paris as well. Depp explains in it, "How do I feel about Paris being the last show on the tour? It's apt. I saw Vanessa [Paradis, former partner] here at the Olympia. I brought my kids to see Bob Dylan here at the Olympia. I met Charles Aznavour at the Olympia. It's really quite a special place, and the sound from the stage is immense."

It seems that Depp's career in on a full swing comeback. This trial has actually given him a boost back into the public eye and didn't tarnish his image in any way.

Though, I personally think, both him and Heard both had guilt in their toxic relationship, it's something a lot of people deal with in their relationships. It's not pretty or and takes quite a while to recover from, but you hope everyone can change and be better.

Maybe Johnny has a new lease on life and this showed him the error of his ways. I guess that remains to be seen.

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