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J.Lo And Ben Affleck Leave Georgia For An Italian Honeymoon


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The couple had a lavish 3-day wedding ceremony in southern Georgia this weekend and were spotted in Italy, this week, on a honeymoon.

The Affleck's got married in a second ceremony on Saturday at Ben's Georgia estate, and are now enjoying beautiful boat ride rides off the coast of Italy. They were spotted by paparazzi cruising Lake Como off the coast of Tremezzo. In photos, they looked very much in the newlywed phase, but kept the PDA to a minimum.

They had also been photographed having lunch at the Grand Hotel Tremezzo in Lake Como on another day date. The Daily Mail released photos of them holding each other and Ben even admiring his bride, while looking through photos on his phone of the wedding. Lopez wore three Ralph Lauren dresses on their big day, according to reports.

The wedding seemed to get rave reviews from friends who atteneded, including Director Kevin Smith who told US Weely that he, "balled throughout". Problems arose on Friday after Affleck’s mom fell from a dock and was rushed to the ER for medical attention. She eneded up being ok, but another wedding guest was also rushed out of the venue in an ambulance on Saturday.

This was all just a big celebration in Georgia, as the couple really tied the knot officially at a A Little White Chapel in front of a few of their children in Las Vegas a month ago. Seraphina, 13, and one of J.Lo's 14-year-old twins, Emme where the two in attendance. None of the kids where on the honeymoon, for good reason.

Italy seems to be a special place for the couple, as they had a very similar vacation just a few years ago.

(Source: NY Post)

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