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Dustin Lynch Talks About His "Party Mode" On Stage And First Solo Flight

Dustin Lynch is on the road with his "Party Mode" tour that just came through Augusta, GA. He took a moment to chat about his new album "Blue In The Sky" and more.

Blue in the Sky is not only the new album from Dustin Lynch but it's a lifestyle now with his newest pilot's license. Dustin said that they named the latest tour "Party Mode" after the single from his album, but also as a vibe for the whole show. He love the crowd being able to interact and feel just as much a part of the show as the band.

Aside from touring, Dustin just finished training and certification to get his pilot's license. "I just want to be the best I can be now". Lynch seemed he hadn't considered the album and flying relationship. He said, "I guess so. You know when you're up there, if you go high enough you can always find some blue up there," when Otis asked about the album being named after his new hobby.

There is a break up song about his recent break-up with Kelli Seymour called "Break up on a beach". He revealed that in that moment he had used the experience to write more songs, and that "we got a new song comin here pretty soon that came from that experience as well."

Listen to interview with Dustin Lynch:

2022 Boots And Hearts Music Festival

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Dustin also played "Fast 5" to reveal some personal things about his Most Craved Food, Fave Farming Equipment, Embarrassing Party Mode moment, Weapon in Zombie Apocalypse & Random Fact he knows.

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