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Country Music's Greatest Albums Of All Time

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When you think of the G.O.A.T.S of country music.... it's Dolly, Strait, Waylon, Garth, Willie, Cash, Right?! Not all of those made the Top 10 greatest albums of all time, according to Rolling Stone.

Dolly is no questions one of the Top performers and albums EVER. The woman is a just plain anomaly as a human. She topped the Rolling Stone list for G.O.A.T. country albums with Coat of Many Colors. What baffled me about the Top 10 was that George Strait, Garth Brooks, even Johnny Cash weren't on the list. They did fall into the Top 100 but way lower than I expected.

Country music's roots run deep. It's older and has more history and Rock n' Roll or Soul music but seems to be infused with a little of both. Even recently, hip hop has a slight influence with the newer generations of country artists. It's a form of music that has always relied heavily on the ability to tell a great story. Well... that and beer, trucks, nd bad break-ups.

Country music has been long to believe more of a single's business and not known for the legendary album's like some formats. In this list from Rolling Stone, they tried to keep in mind all the different realms that country music lives in. Whether it's honky-tonk, western swing, neo-traditionalism, pop country or others, these albums meant something to the long line of artists to follow.

The question that will never die is “what is country”. It think the answer is subjective and personal on a lot of levels. The heart of country music is in the roots that it was grown in. The lyrical connection to the lifestyle of dirt roads, farms, and rural life.

How does your favorite country albums of all time line up with this list?

Here are the Top 10 from Rolling Stone.:

  1. Dolly Parton Coat of Many Colors
  2. Waylon Jennings - Dreaming My Dreams
  3. Willie Nelson - Red Headed Stranger
  4. Ray Charles - Modern Sounds in Country and Western Music
  5. The Chicks - Fly
  6. Lucinda Williams - Car Wheels on a Gravel Road
  7. Merle Haggard Serving 190 Proof
  8. Shania Twain - Come On Over
  9. Randy Travis Storms of Life
  10. Taylor Swift Fearless

I'm sure debates will rage on WHY the Chicks? No way Taylor Swift!?

I was baffled that the King George Strait with over 60 #1's wasn't even in the Top 10. He came in 19th of all time for albums. Johnny Cash got squeaked out by Taylor Swift for op 10. NO ELVIS either?

Garth Brooks can't be found until the late 40's on the list. Plus, Chris Stapleton is by far at least top 20. Oh... and WHO MISSED Morgan Wallen's "Dangerous"? That will be on the G.O.A.T lists in the next 10 years. Maybe it's not old enough but it's CLASSIC!

What are your thoughts?

This was a fun game too on Facebook. What's the greatest Country music one liner from a song?

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