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Fans Call The New DWTS Cast "Awful" After Leaked List Gets Out

"Let's Dance" Finals 2022

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DWTS typically makes a big deal of announcing the "stars" for it's show on "Good Morning America" but the new cast just leaked and people are not happy.

The first names leaked to be on Seasons 31 of DWTS were Tiktok star Charli D'Amelio and her mother, Heidi. They will compete against each other, according to TMZ. One fans wrote, "Off to a rough start!!" wrote one fan as another raged, "It’s so embarrassing when parents of famous kids try to become relevant." Season 2 of their Hulu show Hulu series 'The D'Amelio Show' premieres just days from the start of the season.

A few other names that have been leaked or rumored, according to The Sun are:

Actor Spencer Boldman

 Good Morning America correspondent, Dr. Jennifer Ashton

Real Housewives star Sutton Stracke

That tip came from the website Bravo and Cocktails, someone wrote, "ABC has signed the newest southern fan favorite of Bravo’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills up to dance on Dancing With The Stars, her huge popularity and quirky personality will keep people entertained next season."

Lastly, Baketopia star Rosanna Pansino was another named leaked on a DWTS Gossip Twitter. The HBO Max star announced her show was being cancelled but hinted to other "exciting news" when she wrote, "While Baketopia will most likely not have new seasons, I actually have some really exciting and related news that I will be sharing in the coming weeks!"

So far I'm like.... WHO?! on EVERY one of those people. I've joked before that it should be called "Dancing With WHO?!" but this year it seems that's even more true.

What do you think of these leaked cast members? I'm just not a big reality show person but I do believe the idea of "celebrity" is changing a bit with so many "star" launching out of social media apps. It's not about reality shows as much any more or even real TV shows. Stars are being made daily out of regular people who go viral online. It's a crazy world we live in.

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