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Would You Eat A "Cold Dog" Popsicle By Oscar Mayer?

Oscar Meyer Recalls 96,000 Lbs Of Weiners

Photo: Getty Images

Initially, the thought of frozen popsicle tasting like a hot dog make me wanna puke, but I'm also slightly curious.

Oscar Mayer did an online marketing survey called "Stupid or Genius" and found that a majority of people thought the idea was AMAZING! That's why  Kraft Heinz subsidiary collaborated with Popbar to create what they are calling the "Cold Dog" popsicle. Would you try one?

"For more than 130 years, Oscar Mayer has been sparking smiles and bringing levity into everyday moments, and we are thrilled to bring fans another wonderfully odd way to enjoy our iconic wiener while beating the summer heat," said Anne Field, North American brand communications for Oscar Mayer, in a statement.

Oscar Mayer wrote on twitter, "Some called it stupid, many called it genius. Introducing the Oscar Mayer Cold Dog, a hot dog-flavored frozen pop. Now available at @popbar

 in Long Beach, Atlanta, New Orleans, and NYC. #StupidOrGenius? You decide"

I still have trouble wrapping my head around what the taste would be like. Do you add your favorite condiment to it as well? I've eaten a cold hot dog before and it isn't pleasant, Not to mention, ice cream is supposed to be sweet and sugary... the opposite of a hot dog.


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