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IL Man Already Win Halloween With 'Stranger Things' Levitating Max Display

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Photo: Getty Images

So ready for #Halloween but this display in a man's yard is SICK!

Dave Appel refuses to share his secrets of the levitating person in his driveway for Halloween. One Illinois Family are huge fans of 'Stranger Things' on Netflix and their yard is dedicated to the Demigorgans and all the strange things. It's the Levitating replica of the character Max with hands out just like what happened in an iconic scene, that has the internet going WILD. Max hoversabove their driveway and one girl even walks underneath him to show there is no invisible platform.

I am so inspired for my yard this year... I wanna do all of the "Stranger Things" too. That show is one of my favorite's I've binged on recently. It has all the creep that Halloween needs and this is so unique from the displays I've seen.

He's made a few more Tik Tok to show off his display for Halloween 2022. This is so amazing. Love all of it!

Like this eerie clock from the show as a well. True fans get it.

His whole yard isn't just dedicated to the "Stranger Things" series. He's got a lot of horror film homages in his display and I need to be this guys best friend.

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