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New Netflix Series "Dahmer" Has Some Angry Over Obsession With Killers


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It's the #1 series on Netflix right now but Dahmer isn't for the faint of heart. Some are concerned for the mass obsession with horrific people.

Evan Peters gives an incredibly realistic portrayal of one of the world's most horrific serial killers Jeffery Dahmer. This true-crime series, Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, starts with how Jeff was finally caught, after 17 murders, that included dismembering and even eating his victims body parts.

Emmy Award–winning director Ryan Murphy takes you through the fear and feelings of the victims that encountered this monster of a man and fell victim to his morbid thirsts. Murphy most notably directed the American Horror Story series for Netflix too. Many are praising his new series for how dramatic and realistic the acting is. It truly puts you in all the scare and feels. Some have even said they “switched off” the show due to the sheer brutality. I love series like this but I had a few moments I didn't know if I could make it any further.

Netflix has made massive blockbusters out of many "True Crime" series and some aren't so happy with America's obsession with killers. ‘Making a Murderer, ‘Don’t F**k With Cats’, and ‘The Ted Bundy Tapes’ were some major hits for the streaming service that all follow very morbid REAL storylines. Even the made up series 'You' had huge popularity and made you empathize with a serial killer "Joe", who was the main character.

Some online have referred to Ted Bundy or Dahmer as "hot" or speaking of them in a way that makes them seem desirable. Make no mistake, these people where pure evil! They in NO WAY should be idolized. My interest stems in the psychology of such twisted minds and I believe most people watching are intrigued by that as well.

Tik Tok has a hashtag floating around of  ‘thirst traps’ for Dahmer and one viral video shows someone selling sweatshirts with the slogan, “Choke me like Bundy and eat me like Dahmer.” This person called it "Tasteless" and "tactless"

This woman was even "bored" because there wasn't enough

This is sparking a debate and causing people to say "Stop glamorizing serial killers", like this tweet:

What many don't think of in their obsession with "true crime" is the "true victims". Shows like this re-traumatize them even if they don't watch it. It's pop culture and they see it in the news. I can't imagine what the PTSD from something like this would feel like.

Rita Isbell, whose brother was a victim of Dahmer, called it a "Disgusting exploitation", after watching the series re-create her emotional victim-impact statement for the series.

We'll always be obsessed with things that are so unbelievable and unfathomable, such as these. But it's important to keep the victims in mind with how we speak of it or share it. Making these people heroes or creating swag to idolize them is disgusting and really off putting.

Will you watch it?

We talked about it more in depth on the Post Show Pod with Moote, Kimmie & Otis:

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