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Braves Taking A Lot Of Hate During Game 1 Of NLDS

Division Series - Philadelphia Phillies v Atlanta Braves - Game One

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Max Fried struggled early against the Phillies in Game 1 and the hate is REAL on social media. One article even laid out 4 reason the Braves won't repeat as W.S. Champs.

CBS sports contributor Matt Snyder doesn't believe that the Braves can repeat this year and detailed "4 Reasons Why". If they do, The Braves would be the first team to pull it off since the Yankees 22 years ago in 2000 when they won their 3rd.

Snyder believes that's an almost impossible task. Battling back to first place with 101 wins on the regular season and an absurd 78-34 after May.. begs to differ but here are a few reasons he believes they can't pull it off, despite the heat they have in the moment. (Full Article)

  • Strider is on the NLDS roster but he was recently injured and may not be at 100%. "Without Strider, Morton moves into the third spot and then it's either rookie Bryce Elder -- who is certainly capable of good starts -- or veteran Jake Odorizzi in the four spot. Things would become rather tenuous without Strider at full strength. "
  • A lot of Series runs, in recent years, are by teams that have been much more inferior to the dominant team in the regular season. Short series struggles could spell trouble quickly. "just three losses in five games would do it this round and then only four in seven in the NLCS or World Series. They've lost at that rate a few times this season, even when they were scorching hot. Immediately after a 14-game winning streak."
  • Vegas odds are picking the Dodgers to take it this years at 25.2% versus the Braves at 11.4%. "we've got four teams with better chances and the Braves with not much better than a one in 10 chance at this point." Yankees, Astro, Padres all were given better odds. It would be another year of the unlikely squad pulling off the impossible.
  • Lastly, Snyder says "DiamondbacksAngelsMarlinsRed SoxWhite Sox, Cardinals, Red Sox, Phillies, Yankees, Giants, Cardinals, Giants, Red Sox, Giants, RoyalsCubs, Astros, Red Sox, Nationals or Dodgers... Anyone who disagrees, you can have the Braves and I'll just take the field."

With the run GA is having in mostly all sports in recent years (other than the Falcons), I wouldn't count them out at any point. This team pulled off miracles last year and I believe it can happen again. The city is one fire for our BRAVES and we're ALL IN with support for this amazing team!


Twitter is ablaze with haters too:

Calling us "Trailer Trash"? Classy.

This is laughable though... comparing The Braves with the Cowboys?! Not even close.

Hate on yall! I've always said.. if the haters are coming out in droves, then you're doing something right. This game might be tough to pull out a W, but all we need is 3!

Let's go Braves!! Chop ON!

World Series - Atlanta Braves v Houston Astros - Game Six

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