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Dahmer: How Did He Really Die?

Suspected serial killer Jeffrey L. Dahmer enters t

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Since the day it was released on Netflix, "Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story" has stayed in the Top 5 most watched series. The series about the infamous serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer and his killing spree in the 90's is intense, but how did the "Monster" himself die?

One of the worst serial killers in America's history was a cannibal and murderer. I did a book report on his autobiography when I was young but still didn't know half of what the series dramatized about this evil man. The series is a very real and dark look at the man and monster Jeffery Dahmer. It chronicles the lives of his parents, the divorce and how his obsession with cutting up roadkill turned into a human obsession. Incredible!!!

Dahmer lured his victims from low income areas with high crime and drugged them, then murdered them. Many times he chopped them up and even ate pieces of them to "keep them with him", as he described. His neighbor, Glenda Cleveland, was the one who notified the police multiple times but never could get the police to pay attention. It was one victim who escaped the stopped his murder spree for good and sent him to jail for life.

The killer himself ended up meeting a horribly traumatic death himself while incarcerated.

Dahmer did even truly understand his own psychology or drive to kill. It was a compulsion he said that he struggled to fight back and ultimately just let run free for sexual gratification. He even said the killing was his least favorite part of it all. He was just overly obsessed with keeping his victims under his control and with him forever.

This was Dahmer's final interview before he was killed in prison.

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